KASHMIR / KASHEER OR Earlier 'Kashyapa-mar' is well known as the abode of Rishis, it has given place to thousands of Rishis and munis to its calm and serene shelter for their mediatation. In the very early days, Kashmir was inhabited by the Nagas . The penance and the efforts of Kashyapa transformed the vast span of water called the 'Sati Sar' into a fertile valley and made it worth inhabitation and worshiping heaven and helped to get rid of demon 'Jalodbhava'. These Rishis did not neglect the nagas and rakshasas who were the original tribesmen living in this land. They did not forget to take care of these Nagas and rakshasas and from time to time satisfying their needs which changes into customs and festivals for Kahmiri pandits.

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